Everyone Cares About the Royal Wedding

A USA Today headline (4/28/11):

Americans, Here and There, Get Swept Up by the Royal Wedding

Much further down in the piece, evidence of that sweeping feeling:

Polls initially indicated that most Americans were underwhelmed by the royal nuptials, but interest has spiked as the wedding day nears. U.S. media outlets are publishing twice the amount of coverage as the British media, according to a new Nielsen study.

So people don’t care about it, but the media care a lot–which is evidence of, well, something.

And more on that:

Jane Seymour, the actress-turned-correspondent for ET, says she hasn’t met anyone in London who’s apathetic about the wedding.

“This is completely insane,” says the British-born Seymour. “I think there’s nothing else happening in the world because all the media are here. I find it quite fun.”

If all the media are in one place, there must be nothing else happening in the world–that pretty much says it all.

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