Boss Bashing: Does Lawrence O’Donnell Have a Fallback Job?

MSNBC host has been receiving praise for going after his NBC bosses–as the L.A. Times noted today (4/29/11):

MSNBC commentator Lawrence O’Donnell escalated attacks on NBC executives this week. On his MSNBC show the Last Word With Lawrence O’Donnell Wednesday night, he accused NBC (another division of his own company) of allowing the Celebrity Apprentice host Donald Trump to spread “racist” lies against President Obama in demanding that Obama produce his long-form birth certificate….

NBC has created a monster who is using his NBC fame to spew hatred reeking with racist overtones and undertones,” O’Donnell said on his show.

This isn’t the first time O’Donnell has done something like this–remember that when the news surfaced about GE‘s tax avoidance, O’Donnell slammed the company–which still owns a hefty chunk of NBC.

O’Donnell recently did an interview with Howard Kurtz of the Daily Beast, where he expressed frustration with the cable television game and said, “I can’t look up and imagine myself doing this for three years.”

At this rate, he might not have to worry about hanging around that long.

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