The Wrong Time to Talk About the Afghan War?

During an interview on CNN last night (5/1/11) with New York firefighter and 9/11 first responder Kenny Specht:

BLITZER: Did you ever give up hope, Kenny, that the U.S. would kill bin Laden?

SPECHT: No, but I’d be lying to you, Wolf, I’d be lying to you if I thought about it every night. No, I didn’t give up hope. That’s all we had. That’s all we had. It’s like anything else, though. It’s just sometimes we think that when it’s not spoken about anymore, we wonder really what’s being done.

I mean, we’re in a quagmire, for lack of a better term, in Afghanistan. I hope to God that tonight is one large step to maybe wrapping up operations in Afghanistan.

BLITZER: Kenny, I’m going to interrupt because I think I’ve lost contact with you. But I want you to–I want you to stand by, Kenny, if you can. Stand by for a moment because Peter Bergen is joining us now, our national security contributor.

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