Bill O’Reilly Explains the ‘Muslim Problem’

Last night’s broadcast of the O’Reilly Factor (5/19/11) provided ample evidence–if more were needed–of Bill O’Reilly’s bigotry.

He started by trying to explain why Barack Obamais unpopular in Muslim countries:

The answer is complicated but does reflect my opinion that there is a Muslim problem in the world. The United States and the West are largely secular societies that do believe in human rights. The Muslim world is centered on religion and may Muslims believe if you don’t worship Allah you are an infidel and therefore you don’t deserve human rights. In fact, in certain parts of the Muslim world if you are not the proper sect of Islam, you can be persecute and even killed.

It’s quite odd for O’Reilly, who has loudly complained that the “traditions of Christmas are under fire by committed secularists, people who do not want any public demonstration of spirituality” (Extra!, 5-6/05), to assert that the difference between the United States and Muslim countries is that one is secular and the other religion-centered. He went on to elaborate:

In addition, you have the Jewish situation. Because the USA supports Israel and many Muslims hate Jews, we are tarred by that hatred. It’s centuries old, it’s not going away any time soon. The USA has poured trillions of dollars into the Muslim world. Fighting wars in Iraq and Afghanistan designed to liberate those people from tyrannical governments. But apparently vast majority of Muslims are not grateful.

It’s hard to know which part of that is most offensive–that Muslims are anti-Semites, or they haven’t thanked us for the Iraq War.

He closed the interview segment with this:

For every Muslim in the world that wants democracy and wants human rights, there is one who doesn’t. And the one who doesn’t, doesn’t have any rules. And it will blow the hell out of the one that does.

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