Sorkin Gets the Scoop Direct From His CEO Pal

There have been a lot of complaints about New York Times business reporter Andrew Ross Sorkin being too cozy with the Wall Street powers that he’s covering. Some of those critics are in-house; a New York magazine article went so far as to quote a Times staffer who (like several others at the paper) likened Sorkin to disgraced WMD reporter Judith Miller.

Sorkin was on NBC‘s Meet the Press on Sunday, part of a roundtable discussion that followed an appearance by Republican Paul Ryan. And that’s where Sorkin said this:

SORKIN: I got to tell you, I got an email while the show was going on, while Ryan was just speaking, and even though the Medicare plan may be unpopular, the view by a Wall Street CEO was this guy at least is proposing something.


SORKIN: I think they like the idea of leadership. They want to get behind that.

Huh–Wall Street CEOs like a plan that gives them tax cuts and makes seniors pay more for healthcare. What other surprises are lurking in his email?

Perhaps someone from the Progressive Caucus should email him about the People’s Budget, since he doesn’t seem to know about it.

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