It CAN Happen Here–But Newsweek Doesn’t Notice

Newsweek has a new piece wondering why it is that the United States doesn’t seem to muster protest movements like we’re seeing in Europe and in a number of Arab countries.

The headline and image on their website:

If you read that caption you see that protest happened on March 12* May 12– one of several mass mobilizations that have attracted almost no corporate media attention–a subject we discussed on CounterSpin last week with journalist Allison Kilkenny, who’s been covering them for a variety of independent outlets.

Yes, there could certainly be a sensible discussion about why the political system in the United States discourages citizen activism. But there’s something strange about using an image from a rather sizable demonstration in New York City to accompany a story about why there are so few sizable demonstrations in this country.

*Date corrected– the Newsweek caption had it wrong, and I repeated their error.

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