Sean Hannity and Scandalous Double Standards

Last night (6/6/11), Fox News host Sean Hannity was talking with WorldNetDaily‘s Joe Farah:

FARAH: Charles Rangel is still in the House. Barney Frank is still in the House. Bill Clinton is getting awards. Gerry Studds got a standing ovation from House Democrats. This is a guy who had sex with a congressional page, correct?

HANNITY: But what about–you know, you think back when Republican scandals come up, they all bail out. I can’t think of one that ever stayed, can you?

He’s got a point. Except for Republican Sen. David Vitter (prostitution scandal, still in office). And Republican Sen. John Ensign (extramarital affair, investigation over payments and favors for his lover’s spouse), who stuck around for two years after his scandal surfaced. Oh, and there’s Republican Sen. Larry Craig, who was arrested for lewd conduct in a bathroom in June 2007 and finished out his term. And also Republican South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford, whose extramarital affair made headlines in mid-2009 when he disappeared from public life to visit his girlfriend. (Remember his cover story about hiking the Appalachian Trail?)

Then there’s Fox favorite Rudy Giuliani, who literally paraded his then-girlfriend Judith Nathan around town in 2000, announcing his intention to file for divorce in a televised press conference.

In the non-politician realm, Hannity needn’t look far for other examples. Bill O’Reilly, anyone?

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