Anonymous NATO: We Don’t Know Who Bombed That Tent

From the L.A. Times (6/9/11):

A tattered tent, shreds of carpet and other scorched debris were all that were left of a favored retreat of Moammar Gadhafi just outside the Libyan capital, the aftermath of what appeared to be a NATO bombing run.

Was the usually idyllic nature preserve a “command and control” center used by the Libyan military? Or was this an example of NATO attempting to assassinate the longtime Libyan dictator?

A NATO official reached in Naples, Italy, late Wednesday emphasized that the Western alliance does not target people for killings, and the official would not confirm that North Atlantic Treaty Organization warplanes had even struck the site Tuesday. “It doesn’t sound like that would be the subject of our attention, so I’m not sure what you were shown there,” said the official, who under NATO rules could not be identified by name.

Remember, it’s Libya’s pathetic PR that gets ridiculed in the U.S. press. NATO officials are granted anonymity to make their spectacularly implausible claims.

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