USAT Debates Afghan Withdrawal, Minus the Debate

USA Today has a piece today headlined “Drawdown’s effects debated”– meaning the timetable for troop withdrawals from Afghanistan.

The article starts with critical comments from U.S. military officials David Petraeus and Mike Mullen, who say they think the troop withdrawals are too much, too soon. And on the other side of this debate? USA Today explains: “Critics however say the drawdown risks reversing hard-won gains against the Taliban.” In other words, critics who question the wisdom of the troop withdrawal.

The piece quotes a litany of such pro-war voices: Seth Jones of the Rand Corporation, Sen. Joe Lieberman, Danielle Pletka from the right wing American Enterprise Institute and former Bush UN ambassador John Bolton.

The piece finally includes one expert– Stephen Biddle of the Council on Foreign Relations– who stresses that there will still be plenty of U.S. troops in Afghanistan. I guess he would qualify as the dove.

Don’t debates usually involve people who have different opinions?

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