To NYT, Tea Party’s Talk Is More Newsworthy Than an Actual Progressive Budget

“Tea Party Plans Its Own Debt Panel” reads a headline in today’s New York Times (6/27/11), where reporter Kate Zernike described efforts by the well-financed right-wing lobbying group FreedomWorks to organize a debt commission that will come up with yet another right-wing fiscal blueprint.

They don’t have a plan yet–they’re merely talking about having meetings that would produce a plan: “It aims to have proposals ready by January, when the presidential campaign will draw even more attention to economic proposals.”

Well, they’re off to a good start in the Drawing Attention department. Remember, the People’s Budget of the Congressional Progressive Caucus was never covered in a hard news story in the Times (Extra!, 6/11).

Apparently there is a need for another Paul Ryan-type budget plan. Just talking about organizing to come up with one is good enough to score a New York Times story.

The paper didn’t cover the People’s Budget when it came out–which was, you know, an actual thing, not a series of committee meetings that might produce something someday.

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