NBC Finds ‘Balance’ in Debt Ceiling Poll

NBC (Nightly News, 7/19/11) did some polling to see what the public thinks about the Republican and Democratic positions on the budget and debt ceiling :

CHUCK TODD: Now, look, any sort of deal is putting pressure on the bases of both parties. For Republicans, a large majority of the country is telling Republicans get off the no new taxes pledge and compromise, 62 percent.


NBC News/The Wall Street Journal

Should Republicans Compromise?

Agree to Raise Taxes

Yes 62%

No 27%

TODD: But inside those numbers, tea party supporters, 65 percent of them say to Republicans, “No. Stick to your guns and stick to that pledge.”

As for Democrats and entitlement reform, look at this one. A majority, 52 percent of everybody we tested, said to Democrats, “Stick to your guns and don’t allow cuts in Medicare and Social Security for deficit reduction.”


NBC News/The Wall Street Journal

Should Democrats Compromise?

Cuts to Social Security & Medicare

Yes 38%

No 52%

TODD: So as you can see, it’s a mixed political bag for both parties, but particularly for Republicans.

So 62 percent of those polled said Republicans should compromise, while the opposite proportion–38 percent–said Democrats should do the same. That translates into a “mixed bag” for both parties–that is, if corporate media are doing the mixing.

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