Hurricanes and Climate Change? Close That Door!

In case you were wondering whether Irene sparked any discussions of climate change, here’s a moment from the panel discussion on ABC‘s This Week (8/30/11):

RON BROWNSTEIN (National Journal): Do we want to get into a global warming and a hurricanes discussion?

DONNA BRAZILE (Democratic Strategist): No.

BROWNSTEIN: I mean, I don’t know if we want to open that door.

Let that serve as a reminder to read Neil deMause’s piece from the last issue of Extra!

This was a laugh line, so I guess take it for what it’s worth. On the other hand, Cokie Roberts seemed to be serious when she said this about George W. Bush’s handling of Hurricane Katrina:

It was surprising to me, his reaction, because his father’s example with Hurricane Andrew had been such that you would think that he would, you know, understand that he needed to get out front on Katrina. But in his case, a huge part of his appeal post September 11th, was that he was keeping the country safe. And suddenly, people didn’t feel safe. They weren’t safe. They were in a very dangerous situation.

Back in reality, Bush’s job approval rating was hovering around 50 percent for about 18 months prior to Katrina–which would suggest quite a number of people weren’t sure about Bush’s “appeal” before that storm hit. More jarring, though, is to hear someone say that people liked Bush after the 9/11 attacks because “he was keeping the country safe.” Really?

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