Finally–a Cable Channel for Rich Guys!

Finally, they will have a voice in the corporate media (New York Times, 9/19/11):

When Discovery Communications set out to reformat HD Theater, the nine-year-old home of high-definition documentaries, its executives assessed the crowded cable programming landscape and asked what was missing–where there was “white space,” as one later put it.

What was missing, they decided, was a channel for the Rich Man–the successful, college-educated man who earns $150,000 or more a year and who wants to know how to spend his time and money.

That’s how Velocity was hatched. Replacing the low-rated HD Theater on October 4, Velocity is being billed as a high-end men’s lifestyle channel about fast cars, fancy auctions and football stars.

At long last, the unjust marginalization of wealthy male consumers is beginning to come to an end.

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