The Palin Campaign in Mark Halperin’s Head

Mark Halperin has a feature in Time magazine every week called “The Big Questions.”

For a process-obsessed campaign reporter, this means a weekly who’s up, who’s down scorecard, in an easy to followQ-&-A format.

This week’s questions:

Is Sarah Palin in or out?

What could hold her back?

When does she have to decide?

Part of his answer to question one: “Palin remains more interesting to listen to than any other candidate.” Coming from a guy who once said, “I’m ready to cancel my vacation to go cover Rick Perry,” maybe this isn’t surprising. It is worth pointing out that Sarah Palin isn’t, you know, a candidate for anything.

After praising her “maverick appeal” and “pox-on-both-parties, anti-Establishment message,” Halperin notes that “as always, the media can’t get enough of her.”

Well, he’s right about that.

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