Rick Perry, Job-Creating Rodeo Cowboy!

The front page of USA Today (9/19/11) tells us that Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry is taking “the heat,” but not to worry–he says he can handle it.

That’s especially true with reporters like Susan Page on his side:

He’s not worried, he said, because only one issue really matters to Americans in this election. It’s the one he plans to ride first against his Republican rivals and then against President Obama.


“I’ll be asked about a hundred different issues a thousand different ways,” he said in the interview Friday, one of only a few he has done since announcing his candidacy last month. “But it is about who has the record, who has the vision to get Americans working again.” That’s what “Republicans, independents and even, I think, a number of Democrats — are looking for.”

As he told those at a county GOP dinner in Jefferson, a coffeehouse crowd in Newton and workers at a Coca-Cola bottling plant in Atlantic, he can cite job-creation statistics in Texas that are the envy of the nation’s other 49 governors. The Lone Star State has accounted for 40 percent of the jobs created in the United States since June 2009.

We’ve been through this before (and we’ll go through it many, many more times).

It’s likely that a competent governor–and certainly a competent reporter–would be more concerned about the unemployment rate in a given state, which takes into account not only how many people have jobs but how many people need jobs. On that score, Texas is right in the middle of the pack. So there are plenty of governors who actually wouldn’t envy Texas.

Page goes on:

Now Perry is pouncing on [Mitt] Romney with the brio of a rodeo cowboy lassoing a bull.

To every audience, he ridicules Romney’s record on jobs when he was governor (Massachusetts ranked 47th nationwide)….

The unemployment rate in Massachusetts is more than a point lower than it is in Texas. Something Page could have found out even without a lasso.

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