Obama Tries Hard to Be President Friedman, but Still Isn’t Bonkers Enough

Politicians beware: Thomas Friedman is still threatening to launch a third party.

In his New York Times column today (9/21/11), Friedman moans:

One would hope that our politicians would rise to the challenge by putting forth fair and credible recovery proposals that match the scale of our debt problem and contain the three elements that any serious plan must have: spending cuts, increases in revenues and investments in the sources of our strength. But that, alas, is not what we’re getting, which is why there remains an opening for an independent third party candidate in the 2012 campaign.

Hmm, spending cuts, revenue increases, investments that are supposed to help us win the future…. Does that remind you of any politician you know? Poor Barack Obama–he’s trying his hardest to be President Tom Friedman, and he still can’t get any love from the original.

It needs to be said that the columnist the president seems to be trying most hard to please (especially now that David Brooks has jilted him) is absolutely bonkers when it comes to economics. His column begins: “It becomes clearer every week that our country faces a big choice: We can either have a hard decade or a bad century.” By “hard” he presumably means like we’ve been having–and somehow keeping 9 percent of our workforce out of productive employment for a decade is going to make things better up through 2111? What this is really is sadism masquerading as masochism.

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