Meet the Other Chuck Todd

I caught this MSNBC commercial last night featuring their own Chuck Todd, explaining (apparently) how he thinks about his job:

My job is to bring up issues that Americans care about.

It’s my responsibility to ask the tough questions. No matter who’s leading the country, they need to be held accountable.

I have unique access to the president, his advisers, the candidates and members of Congress.

I’d better use that access for a greater good. Use it for people who can’t get through the White House gates. For people who can’t be heard.

The American people deserve answers.

Huh. The Chuck Todd I see on television is more like this, this, and this–and don’t forget the time he met a journalist (Jeremy Scahill) who actually does work that resembles Todd’s self-description. Scahill appeared on a TV show panel with Todd, and criticized him for saying that investigating Bush-era torture policies would be a distraction. Off the air, Todd told Scahill that he shouldn’t be so impolite: “You sullied my reputation on TV.”

I guess my question is this: Does Chuck Todd have another job? One that more closely resembles this description of a fearless truth-teller, giving voice to the voiceless?

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Activism Director and and Co-producer of CounterSpinPeter Hart is the activism director at FAIR. He writes for FAIR's magazine Extra! and is also a co-host and producer of FAIR's syndicated radio show CounterSpin. He is the author of The Oh Really? Factor: Unspinning Fox News Channel's Bill O'Reilly (Seven Stories Press, 2003). Hart has been interviewed by a number of media outlets, including NBC Nightly News, Fox News Channel's O'Reilly Factor, the Los Angeles Times, Newsday and the Associated Press. He has also appeared on Showtime and in the movie Outfoxed. Follow Peter on Twitter at @peterfhart.