Great Moments in Fox News Assassination Plotting

Last night’s O’Reilly Factor (10/13/11), with guest Megyn Kelly, talking about how to deal with Iran:

BILL O’REILLY: What do we do?

MEGYN KELLY: It’s a political question for President Obama and a military question for him, but it’s not really much of a legal question because legally he can do it.


KELLY: If he wants to do it….

O’REILLY: Let me stop you there. So there’s no difference between killing bin Laden, Al-Awlaki with a drone? OK. Just today they killed another big terrorist guy in Pakistan with a drone. We could drop a drone right down Ahmadinejad’s nose legally?

KELLY: We can go after Iran. We can start a military conflict with Iran. President Obama can do that tomorrow.

O’REILLY: With the drones. Boom.

KELLY: Just the same way…

O’REILLY: Ahmadinejad, ah.

KELLY: Look what we did in Libya. It’s a lot more than what you are talking about right now. And he didn’t seek congressional authority. Although he should have, technically, under the law. But even if he didn’t, which he didn’t, no one has ever gone after a president for doing this.

O’REILLY: OK. So legally, he could take the mullahs out. He could take Ahmadinejad out. He could send them a message, saying, “Look, you try to do this on our soil, here’s what happens to you.”

KELLY: The law is, technically, he’s supposed to have an imminent threat against the homeland. Or….

O’REILLY: I think blowing up an embassy in Washington is an imminent threat. Do you?

KELLY: But that’s been stopped. So technically….

O’REILLY: But the fact that it’s been stopped doesn’t really matter, because the threat is still there.

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