Fox Coverage of OWS: Now Even Beckier!

Fox‘s coverage of the Occupy Wall Street movement has often looked and sounded like Glenn Beck were still working there.

On Friday’s broadcast of the O’Reilly Factor (10/14/11), Beck was there to show how wild conspiracy-mongering is done:

O’REILLY: What’s the George Soros factor here?

BECK: George Soros is connected with this through the Tides Foundation. The Tides Foundation, his Open Society and Code Pink are involved in what is called the Wall Street JournalOccupied Wall Street Journal. And it is a–it’s a full color newspaper.

O’REILLY: Right.

BECK: You know what it costs to print a newspaper.

O’REILLY: Somebody is behind that.

BECK: Huge money. Huge money.

O’REILLY: Right, and what’s the editorial bent of the newspaper?

BECK: Revolution.

O’REILLY: OK, overthrow?

BECK: Yes, I mean, you know, collapse the system.

Beck manages to names names. SEIU and the Working Families Party are involved in what is obviously a global Marxist revolution. (Some of the evidence has been erased from Craigslist, but Beck has it.)

And, Beck warns, it goes all the way to the White House. Barack Obama is a “street organizer…. He knows everything that’s going on, he knows all the people that are involved.” Beck went on to predict that there will be violence, and that Van Jones will emerge to reap the benefits.

To be fair, O’Reilly offered another take, one more sympathetic to the protests. That came courtesy of Geraldo Rivera.

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