Conservative Pundit Thinks Listeners Deserve Someone More Conservative

Conservative writer/commentator David Frum–the man responsible for writing the Bush “axis of evil” speech–has been doing left/right debates for the public radio show Marketplace.

Until now, that is.

This week (Marketplace, 10/12/11), Frum came to the conclusion that while he’s still conservative, he doesn’t do a good job representing the right-wing position in that kind of discussion anymore:

Well, we’ve been doing a point/counterpoint here between me and Bob Reich for a couple of years. And it’s been a lot of fun. I’ve certainly learned a lot from it. But I think that there’s a kind of expectation that when you do it, that you represent the broad point of view of your half of the political spectrum. And although I consider myself a conservative and a Republican, and I think that the right-hand side of the spectrum has the better answers for the long-term growth of economy–low taxes, restrained government, less regulation–it’s pretty clear that facing the immediate crisis–very intense crisis–I’m just not representing the view of most people who call themselves Republicans and conservatives these days.

Good for Frum.

Now if only some of the people who are booked on corporate TV to represent “the left” would do the same.

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