NY Post to Mayor: Reclaim New York’s ‘Dignity’

Yesterday the New York Post–Rupert Murdoch’s down-market tabloid, for those who are blessed to live beyond its circulation area–ran this front-page editorial demanding that New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg shut down the Occupy Wall Street encampment to reclaim the city’s “dignity”:

Uhh…. that message would be coming from the paper that ran this dignified cover, waaay back in August:

And don’t forget the Post‘s Iraq War weasels covers:

And why not this, while we’re at it?

And let’s not forget the paper’s stellar work during the Anthony Weiner scandal: “Weiner Exposed,” ” Hide the Weiner,” “Weiner: I’ll Stick It Out” and “Obama Beats Weiner.”

Today’s Post cover, for the record:

Mr. Mayor, please return a sense of dignity to the proud city the New York Post calls home. At least until the next time the Phillies are coming to town.

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