NBC’s Curry on What ‘Everyone’ Knows About Iran

During an interview with Zbigniew Brzezinski (1/25/12), NBC‘s Today host Ann Curry said this:

Well, one of the key topics that we have been hearing a lot about is all of this concern about Iran. You know what’s been happening, the concerns, the tensions in the Straits of Hormuz, the concerns about Iran’s rise in its efforts, everybody believes, in creating nuclear power–not only nuclear power, but nuclear weapons. Are we headed, in your view, based on all you know, for war with Iran?

Of course “everyone” doesn’t believe that Iran is developing nuclear weapons. More to the point, no one has been able to show that they are. It’s important to ask questions about whether we’re headed towards war with Iran. But journalism that treats allegations about Iran as facts doesn’t do anyone any good.

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