Meet the Press Turns to Billionaire Mayor as ‘Independent Voice’

On the one hand, NBC‘s Meet the Press gives us Republican Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels (2/5/12):

DAVID GREGORY: Governor Daniels, one of the things you hear from the campaign trail, Mitt Romney said it just the other day, is that the recovery should have been so much stronger. You know, it’s very difficult to prove something like that, just like it’s difficult for the president to prove the economy would’ve been weaker if not for his particular policies. How could it have been stronger had a Republican been in president, in your judgment? Been in the White House, I should say.

DANIELS: Well, for one thing, for one thing, national policy wouldn’t have been so relentlessly anti-enterprise as it’s been. If you’d assembled a team of Nobel economists and said design us a policy to stifle and strangle investments and small business growth and innovation in this economy, you couldn’t have done better than what’s happened the last three years. The mindless piling on of new regulations, every one of them very expensive, and in the aggregate extraordinarily so, that’s all drained away dollars that could’ve been used to hire someone. New taxes and the threat of more, all the uncertainty that’s come with that. What we know is this, David, I don’t have–no one can prove what might have happened, but this is the weakest recovery, by far, from a deep recession that we have in–since the records have been kept, and I don’t think that’s an accident.

Wow–anti-enterprise tax-hiking regulatory excess!

Instead of the reporter in the room quizzing his guest on what he’s talking about, let’s get another guest to weigh in.

Like, say, a billionaire mayor:

GREGORY: Mayor Bloomberg, as an independent voice in all of this, is that your judgment as well, that that’s a fair criticism?

MICHAEL BLOOMBERG: I think I agree with most of what Mitch said. I think if you want to have growth, number one, you have to have the financial industry be strong and willing to take risks. And this relentless criticism and investigation of them, whether–regardless of the facts in the past, if we want to have a future, we have to have people have confidence.

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