Sandra Fluke Controversy: Distraction or Revelation?

There seems to be a popular line emerging in the Rush Limbaugh/Sandra Fluke controversy that says his comments are especially harmful because they distract attention from the real issues.

Kathleen Parker (Washington Post, 3/4/12):

Inadvertently, Limbaugh also helped advance the argument from the left that Republicans are waging a war against women…. He has given his “feminazis” justification for their claims that conservatives hate women.

Peggy Noonan (ABC‘s This Week, 3/4/12):

But what he said was also destructive. It confused the issue. It played into this trope that the Republicans have a war on women. No, they don’t, but he made it look they that way.

Sally Quinn (Fox News Channel, 3/6/12)

I say that Obama has just been given a huge gift by the Republicans and by the religious right and by Rush Limbaugh because what he has done, what they have done is managed to make the Republicans and the religious right look as though they are anti-women.

Of course the other way of looking at this–which Quinn, to be fair, mentioned later as a possibility–is that this is not a distraction but an illustration of Republican policies that are on, their face, anti-woman.

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