On CNN: From the Left…a Corporate PR Strategist

I was struck by an election night panel I saw on CNN last night (3/6/12). “Contributors here on the left and the right,” as host Anderson Cooper told viewers.

On the right: former Bush spokesman Ari Fleischer and right-wing blogger Erick Erickson.

On the left? Frequent TV pundit and Democratic strategist Donna Brazile and… Hilary Rosen.


Rosen might be best known for her years at the Recording Industry Association of America, the music industry’s lobbying powerhouse.

She briefly held the title of Washington editor-at-large for the Huffington Post. But the site cut ties with her in 2010 because she had taken on a gig as a consultant for the oil company BP. You might recall they were in the news at the time, having spilled several million barrels of oil into the Gulf of Mexico.

She is apparently still the Managing Partner at the Brunswick Group, “an international corporate communications partnership that helps businesses and other organizations address critical communications challenges.” Brunswick has a range of corporate clients–including major banks, energy companies, mining companies and so on.

Doing PR for corporations…but “from the left.”

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