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With Occupy Wall Street making its May Day comeback, what did the corporate media have to say? Take a look at the New York Times story (5/2/12), which was stuffed in the Metro section and focused on… well, take a look at the headline:

At May Day Demonstrations, Traffic Jams and Arrests

About half of the article is focused on arrests, “occasionally bloody clashes” and the like.

Before the protests even started, there were warnings about what was to come. On ABC‘s Good Morning America (5/1/12), Josh Elliot warned viewers:

We’re gonna begin with what’s shaping up to be a potentially brutal morning commute, particularly in major cities across the country.

Elliot went on to link OWS with some scary mailings at several banks:

Demonstrators here in New York and across the country, as you just saw, threatening now to block bridges, tunnels and ferries, all to protest corporate America. And already a big scare, white powder sent to several major banks.

Early in the day (5/1/12), Reuters television correspondent Conway G. Gittens filed a report headlined “Occupy Wall Street Resurgence a Dud.” Several hours–and thousands of protestors–later, Reuters was telling peopleon Twitter:

Live coverage of #MayDay protests show Occupy Wall Street resurgence far from being a dud

What about on liberal-leaning MSNBC? The channel didn’t seem to have much to say. Here was host Ed Schultz:

Today, Occupy Wall Street staged May Day protests around the world. It’s another reminder of which candidate supports the 1 Percent and which candidate is with the 99 Percenters.

Given Occupy Wall Street’s longstanding aversion to electoral politics–not to mention criticism of the Obama administration’s Wall Street connections–this sounds like partisan wishful thinking.

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