Another Brave, Anonymous Campaign Whistleblower

The Washington Post has done it again. Reporter Felicia Sonmez (8/17/12) somehow got a  Republican campaign adviser to spill the beans on the Ryan/Romney relationship :

A senior Republican adviser close to the campaign who spoke on the condition of anonymity said Ryan views Romney’s career as “a case study of some of the ideas that he has been immersed in and debating about for years.”

“By his intellect and political upbringing, he is a natural champion for the success of the free-market system,” the adviser said of Ryan. “He’s a true believer in the free-market system. And so he views Governor Romney as an Exhibit A in the case for how people in the private sector can build things–build businesses, turn around businesses, take risks, put capital to work, and make a contribution to society and to the economy and to the workplace.”

So Paul Ryan secretly thinks the world of Mitt Romney. That is the kind of unvarnished truth-telling that you can only get when a reporter grants a source the protection of anonymity.

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