Another Liberal Media Hit Job on Paul Ryan

Time magazine’s Michael Crowley, from the new issue:

Paul Ryan/photo by Marco Grob

Paul Ryan in Time magazine.

In naming Wisconsin Representative Paul Ryan as his running mate on August 11, Romney chose someone as deep as Palin was shallow, a studious wonk known for his mastery of that most substantive of all issues: the federal budget.

For Crowley, this is actually toning down the Ryan praise. Just last year, he co-wrote a piece for Time that went like this:

Just 41 years old, with jet black hair and a touch of Eagle Scout to him, the House Budget Committee chairman unveiled an ambitious package of huge budget cuts designed to dig the country out of its crippling debt crisis. For Ryan, reining in spending is nothing less than an act of patriotic valor.

Carl Sagan/photo by Michael Okoniewski

Carl Sagan (Michael Okoniewski)

That article also said Ryan had “an almost unsettling fluency in the fine print of massive budget documents.” So you can see that Crowley’s enthusiasm for Ryanhas cooled.

Oh wait…. Keep reading the new piece:

Ryan is to budget math what Carl Sagan was to the science of the cosmos.

Never mind.

Sad to see such a vicious attack on Sagan when he’s no longer around to defend himself.


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