Hilarious Bill O’Reilly Spoof Site…. Right?

It appears someone has posted a hilarious send-up of Fox News host Bill O’Reilly. On his site there’s a Talking Points commentary so wrong-headed and contradictory that it has to be a joke–and a pretty convincing one.

“As you may know, we cover politics a bit differently here. We are not much on party propaganda or political bloviating,” the guy who looks just like Bill O’Reilly explained.

He went on to say that his coverage from the Republican convention

will not be the Republicans are good and Democrats are bad or vice versa. We are not in the business of promoting any political party.

But then just a few seconds later he said this, completely at odds with the words he’d just uttered:

Speakers at the Republican convention have largely been selected to negate Democratic propaganda, while the speakers at the Democratic convention next week in Charlotte are largely on stage to inflame the liberal base.

The strategy for the Republicans is persuade the mind, right here. The strategy for the Democrats seems to be persuade the hearts. Hearts versus mind is the theme this year.

All right–Republicans are propaganda-busting mind persuaders, while the Democrats are emotional base-inflamers. It was clearly making fun of the real O’Reilly’s ability to spin for the Republican Party while loudly proclaiming his nonpartisanship.

The clip went on to argue that Republicans are moderate and honest (“The GOP presentation is largely fact-based”), whereas:

On the Democratic side, they want you to believe that the Romney/Ryan ticket is extreme, that those guys want to hurt you by making the rich, richer and ignoring the plight of the working man.

The faux O’Reilly broadcast went on to explain that “the rest of the Democratic prime time line up is composed of zealots” like “Georgetown Law School lady” Sandra Fluke, along with “abortion extremists” from NARAL and Planned Parenthood. Actress Eva Longoria “is also on the dais primarily because she is a Latino.” Then there’s Rep. Tammy Baldwin, “a lesbian running for the Senate in Wisconsin”–can you believe that!? As “O’Reilly” put it, “You cannot get more liberal than this crew.”

The Republicans, meanwhile, are different: “Governor Romney has pretty much neutralized the far right.” Except for his running mate, and appearances by the likes of Mike Huckabee,  Rick Santorum, Scott Walker and Bob McDonnell, he’s got a point.

Of course, this wasn’t really satire–this was O’Reilly’s real show on his actual cable news channel. I think.


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