Worst Media Moment on Hurricane Sandy?

CNN reporter Erin Burnett‘s comment (10/29/12) that it was “kind of neat” to see New York City break its flooding record as the storm surge from Hurricane Sandy flooded Battery Park was bizarre, to say the very least:

CNN's Erin Burnett (screengrab by mroach)

CNN’s Erin Burnett

I just want to give everyone an update of where we are right now in terms of the record books. This is one for the record books. In terms of the storm surge here in Manhattan, Lower Manhattan where I am right now, almost a three-foot record, three feet. We’re at 12.75 feet, as you can see, it’s above my ankles now and obviously well over the promenade in Lower Manhattan. The previous record set back in 1960 of just over 10 feet.

So it’s almost certain at this point that we will break that by about three full feet as the water continues to rise here. High tide is breaking now or just in a few minutes. We’re going to see in the next 45 minutes exactly what that record will be.

I will bring in Chad Myers from the severe weather center. Chad, it’s kind of neat, we’re breaking the record here by almost three full feet right now and I guess it seems certain it’s probably going to be that much within the next 45 minutes when we hit the peak of high tide.

But then consider this exchange from CBS‘s Face the Nation yesterday (11/4/12):

Bob Schieffer (photo: CSIS)

CBS’s Bob Schieffer

BOB SCHIEFFER: So, Peggy, let me just start with you. What do you think the impact of this storm is going to be? Did it hurt Romney, did it help the president?

PEGGY NOONAN: Well, the impact in the Northeast itself has been very bad. A lot of people suffering up there. Some people calling it their Katrina in–in a very unhappy way, of course, in part because it’s cold. It’s a cold Katrina and people are without heat and electricity, so it’s very tough.

It’s a little strange to assess the “impact” of the storm primarily through the lens of the election prospects of Obama and Romney.

And what’s the happy way to talk about “your Katrina”?

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