Keystone Polling and an Oil Spill Time Machine

In today’s USA Today (4/3/13), this headline stood out:


It’s not that the headline finding would be all that surprising–most people aren’t much aware of any particular pipeline, and if they read the papers (like, say, USA Today) they’re very likely to hear that it’s a no-brainer job creator.

Oil spill in Arkansas (cc photo: NWF)

Those polled did not turn against oil pipelines, even though those with ESP could have seen this oil spill in their future. (cc photo: NWF)

What’s really noteworthy is the subhead about the “new oil spill” not seeming to have a big impact–a reference to the ExxonMobil’s Pegasus pipeline leak in Arkansas. As the paper noted, “The numbers come amid continuing efforts to clean up a major new oil spill in Arkansas.”

But “come amid” is another way of saying “entirely unrelated to.” The poll was conducted, as the paper notes, between March 13-17. The current pipeline spill happened on March 30.



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