Al Neuharth’s Front-Page Sexism

USAT-NeuharthUSA Today founder Al Neuharth died last week, and his passing made the top of the front page of his newspaper today (4/22/13). 

Seeing him above the fold can only recall a rather famous story about Neuharth’s outburst at a 1983 USA Today editorial meeting. The story seems to have been first told in Peter Prichard’s book The Making of McPaper:

In the window of the newsrack in the conference room, the smiling face of a leaping cheerleader was above the fold–the top half of page one. After all of the editors were seated, Neuharth strode over to the newsrack. He opened the door and then slammed it violently. He did that again and again, banging the door against the rack.

The assembled editors stared, wide-eyed. He had their attention now. “When you run a picture of a clean-cut, all-American girl like this,” Neuharth announced, “get her tits above the fold.”



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