Snowden and Bob Schieffer Fight the Power

FireShot Screen Capture #515 - 'Face the Nation transcripts June 16, 2013_ McDonough and Rogers on NSA surveillance - CBS News' - www_cbsnews_com_8301-3460_162-57589523_face-the-nation-transcCBS host Bob Schieffer is, like a lot of other establishment journalists, no fan of NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden.

As he explained on his Face the Nation program (6/16/13), “I don’t remember Martin Luther King Jr. or Rosa Parks running off and hiding in China.”

As if that weren’t enough, he made a point about the 9/11 attacks:

I know 11 people who died or lost a member of their family on 9/11. My younger daughter lived in Manhattan then. It was six hours before we knew she was safe. I’m not interested in going through that again.

What that has to do with Snowden is anyone’s guess.

Schieffer went on:

I don’t know yet if the government is overreached since 9/11 to reinforce our defenses, and we need to find out. What I do know, though, is that these procedures were put in place and are being overseen by officials we elected and we should hold them accountable. I think what we have in Edward Snowden is just a narcissistic young man who has decided he is smarter than the rest of us. I don’t know what he is beyond that, but he is no hero.

This is the establishment media’s script on Snowden: We don’t know what exactly the government is doing, and we should know, but the guy who’s generated the discussion about all of this is a narcissist.


But the biggest howler was probably Schieffer’s beginning:

 I like people who are willing to stand up to the government. As a reporter, it’s my job to do that from time to time.

If that’s the way Schieffer sees the  world, he’s done a good job of keeping that adversarial view of power out of his journalism. The most frequent guest on his show over the past 20 years? Noted dissident John McCain. As of 2011,  Joe Biden had made 46 appearances.

Fight the power, Bob.



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