U.S. Missiles and ‘Pinpoint Accuracy’

CNN-cruise-missile-accuracyWhenever war is near, you can count on U.S. media to tout the lethal efficiency of U.S. weapons. Now is no different.

CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin (8/30/13) declared:

Syria now is staring down the barrel of five U.S. warships…. The U.S. is believed to have submarines out there as well. All those vessels can carry cruise missiles able to strike targets more than 1,000 miles away with pinpoint accuracy.

 On September 2, also on CNN, correspondent Tom Foreman told viewers: 

Let’s talk about cruise missiles for a minute here. Cruise missiles are extraordinary weapons. They’re very reliable. They have pinpoint accuracy. They can carry 1,000 pound warheads and we might be talking about 100, 200, 300 of them being launched.

 This kind of thing hasn’t been seen on CNN since… well, the last time the U.S. was precisely bombing a country. That time it was Libya, and a CNN military reporter  (FAIR Blog, 3/21/11) was explaining that “American Tomahawk missiles can be reprogrammed in flight. If there was a risk of civilian casualties, operators could change the target after launch. But the Navy did not use that ability, confident it was aiming at military targets.”


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