Time’s Take Two on Iran: Are They Reading This Blog?

FireShot Screen Capture #637 - 'Four Good Reasons Why Iran Doesn’t Trust America I TIME_com' - swampland_time_com_2013_10_15_four-good-reasons-why-iran-doesnt-trust-americaOn October 4, I wrote a piece here titled “What’s Missing From Time‘s Iran Timeline” about the magazine’s curious treatment of US-Iran history. Time had printed a sidebar graphic titled, “A History of Hostility–and Chances Missed.”

But as history goes it was remarkably thin on US actions that one might consider hostile–like the 1953 coup, the shooting down of a civilian airliner, or support for Iraq in its war against Iran, which included backing that country’s use of chemical weapons.

On October 15, Time‘s Michael Crowley wrote a piece for the magazine’s Swampland blog headlined “Four Good Reasons Why Iran Doesn’t Trust America: A Brief Survey of Justifiable Iranian Resentment.” Crowley notes that “it’s worth remembering that the US bears some blame for the poisoned state of the relationship between the two countries.”

Crowley ticks off four reasons Iran might not trust the United States–including the US-backed coup, the shooting down of Iran Air 665 and the US backing of Iraq’s use of chemical weapons.

In other words, everything they left out of their history of  US/Iranian resentment.

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