Obamacare Website = Iraq War, Now with Bill Kristol

You thought media were done with the ‘Obamacare website is like the Iraq War’ stuff? Here’s USA Today‘s Susan Page (12/11/13):

Still, although they are obviously different enterprises, some analysts see parallels in the political impact of the Iraq War on Bush and the Affordable Care Act on Obama.

Alright, who are the ‘analysts’ saying this?  

“In both cases, they were among the most important choices of each man’s presidency, and they were controversial,” says William Kristol, editor and publisher of the conservative Weekly Standard.

He notes that Bush’s credibility was damaged when no weapons of mass destruction were found in Iraq, a primary reason he had given for ordering the invasion; Obama’s credibility was hurt when his repeated assurances that anyone who liked their insurance plans would be able to keep them turned out to be untrue.

That’s right– Bill Kristol, of the most prominent media cheerleaders of the Iraq invasion, is the analyst who thinks Obama is in the same kind of trouble that Bush was after the Iraq debacle. 

How a thinking person would seek out Kristol on this is hard to fathom. Just as galling, though, is the idea that Kristol would talk about Bush‘s damaged credibility. But that’s the thing about people like Kristol and the corporate media: Iraq should have shown that his analysis— that the war would last two months, that “we’ll be vindicated when we discover the weapons of mass destruction”– is the kind of thing you’d want to avoid.

But these days Kristol can still be seen on outlets like ABC and NBC. In the supposedly liberal media, he’ll evidently always have a home.

I think if you’re really going to make this asinine comparison, you might want to get someone OTHER THAN one of the Iraq War’s most visible cheerleaders to weigh in.

But I’m not Susan Page. 

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