O’Reilly, Moses and the Decline of America

OReillyjusticesystemIn yet another “get off my lawn” rant, Fox News host Bill O’Reilly (4/4/14) broke down why America is just not such a great place anymore. 

“America is not the way it used to be,” he explained, telling his audience that “we have gone from a traditional country to a secular society where politically correct thought dominates at least in the mass media.”

Need any more proof? O’Reilly told viewers that while the country was founded on the idea that the government couldn’t impose religion on citizens,

it was quite clear that the founders based the justice system in the New World on Judeo-Christian tenets. That’s why a sculpture of Moses holding the Ten Commandments adorns the Supreme Court building in Washington. But today you could never put old Moses and the Commandments up on a government wall anywhere. The Secular Progressives would scream, “You are imposing religion if you do that because Islam and other theologies do not believe in the 10 Commandments.”

He even showed viewers a picture of the Moses sculpture:

FireShot Screen Capture #073 - 'Why America is changing so drastically I Fox News Video' - video_foxnews_com_v_3432044007001_why-america-is-changing-so-drastically-__playlist_id=86923#sp=show-clips

Case closed, right?

But if you look at the whole image that is depicted on the Eastern pediment of the court, you’ll see this: 

Those other two figures are the Chinese philosopher Confucius and the Greek lawmaker Solon. As sculptor Hermon MacNeil  explained (Supremecourt.gov, 5/22/03), “Moses, Confucius and Solon are chosen as representing three great civilizations and form the central group of this Pediment.” 

But wait–maybe O’Reilly meant to refer to the Moses that appears inside the Supreme Court chambers? Yes, that must be it. There’s Moses on the South Wall frieze, so that must be a testament to our Judeo-Christian tenets. 

Oh wait. Moses is there, sure, but so are the Egyptian pharaoh Menes and the Babylonian leader Hammurabi. 

To make matters worse for O’Reilly, on the North wall frieze–Muhammad and France’s King Louis IX and Napoleon. 

The Supreme Court, yet one more place where the Secular Progressives are ruining America. 


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