The Most Revealing Sunday Talk Show McCain Moment of All Time

ftn-mccainThere was big news coming out of Ukraine late Saturday and early Sunday morning. Armed, pro-Russia militants had seized several buildings in the eastern city of Slavyansk. And naturally you want to book the most knowledgeable regional experts on these matters…. Either that or you wake up John McCain

Here’s Face the Nation host Bob Schieffer  (4/13/14) kicking off the interview:

And we are joined now by Sen. John McCain, who was recently in Ukraine and more recently was sound asleep, when we got a hold of him at 6:00 this morning and told him about these developments and asked him to join us. 

McCain ran through his usual routine: Putin is behind all of this, he’s emboldened by Barack Obama’s weakness, we should arm Ukrainians to fight the Russians, Russia is a “gas station masquerading as a country” and so on. It probably would have been easier to run old tape of McCain on a previous episode of Face the Nation; after all, he’s far and away the most popular guest on the CBS chat show (FAIR Blog, 9/26/11).

Alternatively, the show could consider booking guests who have something new to say–or at least were aware of the situation you’re asking them to comment on before you woke them up. Just a thought.

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