NYT’s Iran Correction Needs a Correction

Someone at the NY Times needs to read this book.

Someone at the New York Times needs to read this book.

In today’s New York Times corrections box (8/1/14):

An article on Wednesday about demands among both parties in Congress that the Obama administration allow a vote on any agreement with Iran on its nuclear weapons program misstated, in some editions, the value of assets that Iran will have access to under an agreement. It is more than $2 billion, not more than $2 million.

This correction needs a correction.

Iran does not have a “nuclear weapons program.” It has a uranium enrichment program; some politicians claim it also has a weapons program it is concealing. This has never been substantiated by international inspections.  Unfortunately it is often treated as a fact by journalists.  The original Times piece had it right, referring to Iran’s “suspected efforts to design a weapon.”

Such suspicions should not be turned into facts.


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