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The FAIR Blog might be the newest addition to FAIR’s program lineup, but it has already become our most active enterprise. We’re posting more daily media criticism than ever before–more than 300 posts since our September launch. Covering a diverse array of topics, including election coverage, healthcare, the environment and the economy, we hope the FAIR Blog is becoming an essential part of your daily media routine. As we continue developing this blog, we will be adding more features and innovative content to keep you on top of the news. We’re also working to build our presence in the blogosphere, […]


Time: Facts, Fables and Fibs by Michael Scherer and James Carney

In “Facts, Fables and Fibs” (9/18/08), Time reporters Michael Scherer and James Carney attempt to sum up the truth and falsity of presidential campaign claims with a gimmicky chart that places Obama and McCain commercials on a grid that separates ads into “Mostly True” and “Mostly False” on the one hand, and “Serious” and “Silly” on the other. In an intro, the Time reporters acknowledge that “McCain has been far quicker to throw the truth overboard–both in advertisements and on the stump,” but you’d never get that from the grid itself, which seems chiefly concerned with achieving symmetry, both political […]