CNN Attempts Actual Journalism–But Reverts to Embedded Reporting

CNN's Jake Tapper in Ferguson, Missouri

Watching coverage of the unrest in Ferguson on CNN last night (8/18/14), I was struck at the actual journalism I was treated to by CNN‘s Jake Tapper. It’s not every day corporate media is awestruck by the heavy-handedness of a militarized attack on civilians on US soil. But such was the case for Tapper, who was nearly hit by a tear gas canister fired by police. Things escalated to the point where Tapper began to legitimately question the police’s actions. His assertion that the over-the-top show of force by Ferguson police ” doesn’t make any sense” was a reasonable assessment¬† […]


Criminal Justice Media’s ‘Twisted’ Coverage

New York Post coverage

Daryl Khan of the Juvenile Justice Information Exchange strayed from most media coverage around New York’s “biggest gang raid ever” by writing about the people living in the housing projects at the heart of the early-morning raid.


Sharpton and the Media’s Cat-and-Mouse Game


Both the New York Post and the Daily News sensationalized, for the second day in a row, revelations that Al Sharpton was an informant for the FBI. Revelations first alluded to in 1988 by Newsday, to be specific.


Michael Sam and the NFL’s LGBT Makeover

Sports Illustrated featuring Michael Sam

Michael Sam may have just announced to the sports world that he’s a gay man, but it seems that it’s the NFL itself that may be forced to come out of its closet.


Richard Sherman’s Winning Rant

Richard Sherman

An interesting thing happened the last few days: A football player was attacked by the same, predictable racism that athletes usually have to endure when they speak out…and he won. Well, he won the game. His team, the Seattle Seahawks, are going to the Super Bowl and (despite a $7,875 fine from the National Football League) an epic post-game rant might net him millions in endorsements. Richard Sherman’s words sent football fans running to social media to voice their approval and disapproval. The disapproval, not surprisingly, was soaked in racism. Deadspin (1/19/14), a sports-oriented blog, chronicled some of the Net’s […]


‘Knockout Game’ Takes Center Stage

'White Girl Bleed a Lot' cover

The ease at which violent criminal tendencies can be attached to youth–particularly black youth–is a dangerous habit of media.