Who Dies in Yemen Drone Strikes?

FireShot Screen Capture #573 - 'Drone kills suspected al Qaeda militants in Yemen - CNN_com' - www_cnn_com_2013_08_08_world_meast_yemen-drone-strike

A headline is sometimes worth a thousand words, and this was definitely the case after a deadly drone strike occurred in Yemen last week.  “Drone Strike Kills Six Suspected Militants in Yemen,” a Reuters headline (8/7/13) declared.  “More Suspected Al-Qaeda Militants Killed as Drone Strikes Intensify in Yemen,” a headline  (8/8/13) offered. Whatever the language, one message was clear: “Suspected terrorists” or “militants” had been killed. But with several drone strikes over the past week in Yemen, how can anyone actually know who is being killed? The deceptive way the Obama administration defines “militants” has already been well-established–as the New […]


How Many Iraqis Died in the Iraq War?

Map of Iraqi Civilian Casualties

How many Iraqis died in the Iraq War? Public responses to that question are disheartening because they reflect a very distorted public perception of the war. But they are indicative of an even bigger problem: corporate media’s inadequate coverage of the human costs of U.S.-led wars.