It CAN Happen Here–But Newsweek Doesn’t Notice

Newsweek has a new piece wondering why it is that the United States doesn’t seem to muster protest movements like we’re seeing in Europe and in a number of Arab countries. The headline and image on their website: If you read that caption you see that protest happened on March 12* May 12– one of several mass mobilizations that have attracted almost no corporate media attention–a subject we discussed on CounterSpin last week with journalist Allison Kilkenny, who’s been covering them for a variety of independent outlets. Yes, there could certainly be a sensible discussion about why the political system […]


This Week on CounterSpin: Jemima Pierre on Haiti, Megan Tady on TV Wars

This week on CounterSpin: The network camera crews have mostly packed up and gone home, but the political fights over reconstruction and rebuilding in Haiti are only just getting started. University of Texas professor Jemima Pierre was part of a delegation that recently visited Haiti, and she wrote about what she saw for the Nation. She’ll join us to talk about what she found, and where the Haiti story is headed next. Also on the show: Media technology can put more control in consumers’ hands over the gathering and sharing of information and entertainment. But some folks, frankly, would rather […]


CounterSpin: Lynn Paltrow on Utah Miscarriage Law, Susan Linn on Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood

This week on CounterSpin: A new law in Utah says some women who miscarry should go to jail. You may have seen some coverage, but are journalists asking the right questions about the law’s implications, and is there a bigger story here that’s being missed? We’ll hear from Lynn Paltrow, executive director of National Advocates for Pregnant Women. Also on CounterSpin this week: With a name like the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood, you’d expect such a group is going to upset some big corporations. And they have, including launching a very successful campaign against media giant Disney. Well, maybe […]