Va. Daily Confesses Racist Role in 'Dreadful Doctrine'

Editor & Publisher is running a wire item (Associated Press, 7/16/09) on the Richmond Times-Dispatch's recent front-page editorial and website video "expressing regret for supporting the state's fight to maintain separate schools for blacks and whites in the 1950s." The paper's confession of its "central role in the 'dreadful doctrine' of Massive Resistance–a systematic campaign by Virginia's white political leaders to block school desegregation"–functions as testament to both their current integrity and one of the darkest episodes of U.S. journalism. Here's an except: Fifty years ago Virginia had a rendezvous with destiny and came up wanting. It scorned human rights […]


NYT Goes Deeper on Education Secretary Search

Sam Dillon's New York Times piece (12/14/08) is much better than most of the coverage of President-elect Barack Obama's search for an Education secretary nominee. It's even got some on-target media criticism: Editorials and opinion articles in the New York Times, the Washington Post and the Los Angeles Times have described the debate as pitting education reformers against those representing the educational establishment or the status quo. But who the reformers are depends on who is talking.


Dailies Demonize Progressive Education

Education author Alfie Kohn's got a beef (Nation, 12/10/08) with corporate news coverage of Barack Obama's choices for his cabinet, where "progressives are in short supply": When he turns his attention to the Education Department, what are the chances he'll choose someone who is educationally progressive? In fact, just such a person is said to be in the running and, perhaps for that very reason, has been singled out for scorn in Washington Post and Chicago Tribune editorials, a New York Times column by David Brooks and a New Republic article, all published almost simultaneously this month. Depressingly predictable is […]