The End of the Nuclear 'Renaissance'?

If you've tracked media coverage of nuclear power, you know that every few months or so nuclear power is about to enjoy a comeback. The "nuclear renaissance" has always been right around the corner, we've often been told. Take the New York Times, for example: -Few industries have enjoyed the kind of renaissance that nuclear power may be poised to undergo. (5/23/01) -After decades in the doghouse because of environmental, safety and cost concerns, nuclear power is enjoying a renaissance of expectations. (editorial, 5/29/01) -Energy shortages may be creating talk of a nuclear power renaissance. (6/28/01) -"Much Talk of a […]


The 'New' Newsweek's Nuclear Power Puffery

There was a lot of chatter about editor Tina Brown and the "new" Newsweek, which debuted last week. None of it struck me as all that interesting–a column up front from Leslie Gelb warning about the threat of Arab democracy and an anti-Social Security harangue from Robert Samuelson made it feel very much like the "old" Newsweek. One other piece stood out, and only more so this week–a warm profile of the executive in charge of France's nuclear power company, Areva. The subhead was "France's Most Powerful Businesswoman Believes Now Is the Time for the Next Atomic Boom." And the […]


NYT, Iran and the 'International Consensus'

A deal between Iran, Brazil and Turkey to ship some of Iran's uranium out of the country to be enriched in Turkey and returned for use in a Iranian medical reactor has elicited some elite media panic. An early New York Times Web headline read, "Iran Offers to Ship Uranium, Complicating Sanctions Talks." The Wall Street Journal (5/17/10) went with "Iranian Nuclear Deal Raises Fears." The story in the print edition of the Times (5/18/10) focuses much of its attention on the U.S. reaction to the deal. This passage is especially meaningful: Rejecting the new deal, however, could make President […]