NYT Reported Japanese Internment as ‘Pioneering Chapter in US History’

Japanese Evacuation Featured

A contemporary New York Times article on the World War II internment of Japanese-Americans “emphasized the adventurous nature” of putting innocent people in camps based on their ethnicity.


NYT: Okinawans’ ‘True Views’ Aren’t What They Say

That a majority of people living on the island of Okinawa want the U.S. Marines gone seems a well-established fact. A plan to build a new airfield on a different part of the island in the town of Henoko is even more unpopular. One recent poll found 84 percent opposition to the new base. And yet the New York Times tells readers today that it knows better. The headline alone over the piece by Martin Fackler tells youthat those polls–not to mention the massive demonstrations against the base–shouldn’t be believed: “Amid Image of Ire Toward U.S. Bases, Okinawans’ True Views […]


The Japanese Nuclear Establishment vs. the Two-Thirds ‘Minority’

There’s a news article in the Washington Post today (1/26/12) that really captures that paper’s view of the way the world works, and how it ought to work. Headlined “After Earthquake, Japan Can’t Agree on the Future of Nuclear Power,” Chico Harlan’s piece begins: The hulking system that once guided Japan’s pro-nuclear-power stance worked just fine when everybody moved in lockstep. But in the wake of a nuclear accident that changed the way this country thinks about energy, the system has proved ill-suited for resolving conflict. Its very size and complexity have become a problem. And what exactly is that […]


Global Recession Affects People, African Animals

ABC World News did a segment on March 31 with a bunch of short reports on how the global recession was hitting around the world. Most of them were like this: CLARISSA WARD (ABC NEWS): I’m Clarissa Ward in Tokyo. Japan is the second-largest economy in the world. And lifetime employment has always been the ideal here. But as global demand for Japanese cars and electronics plummets, companies like Toyota and Canon are being forced to shed tens of thousands of jobs. And for many workers in Japan, losing your job means losing your company housing. Thousands of laid off […]