Action Alert: Factchecking CNN's Occupy Wall Street Factcheck

CNN's newest show–OutFront, featuring Erin Burnett–did a "factcheck" of the protest in Lower Manhattan that was long on attitude and short on accuracy. If you'd like the network to take another look, see FAIR's latest Action Alert. Please leave copies of your messages to CNN, or responses to the alert, in the comment thread below.


The Times Recalls the Good Old Days of SOA Protests

In today's New York Times (11/22/10), Kim Severson covers the annual protest at the U.S. military training facility formerly known as the School of Americas. The point of the story, though, is that the protests aren't such a big deal anymore (the headline: "Fort Benning Protest Dwindles, if Not Its Passion.") The dismissive tone was evident in the very first sentence: The annual November protest here at the gates of Fort Benning used to really be something. The "smallest crowd ever" turned out this weekend for the Fort Benning protests–leading the Times to kid that "the times, they are a […]


S.F. Columnist Protests Protesters

Writing under the pen name Jami Tarn (CounterPunch, 3/27/09), one San Francisco lawyer is rallying against "a hate-filled column in the San Francisco Chronicle." Chronicle commentator Debra J. Saunders "insinuated that Tristan Anderson, still lingering in a coma in Tel Aviv after taking an Israeli tear gas canister to the face, costing him part of his frontal lobe and possibly his right eye, deserves this comeuppance for daring to join Palestinians in protest against Israel's illegal Apartheid wall." Saunders, Tarn wrote, reduced such suffering to the snarky "love-it-or-leave-it Amer'kuh" line that Anderson now has "found out in the worst way […]