Bill O’Reilly Gets Angry Because He Proved David Sirota’s Point


O’Reilly was outraged by Sirota’s point that the government’s response would be very different–more costly, potentially more violent–if the perpetrators fit a certain profile. This is ironic, because O’Reilly had, the night of the attacks, basically made Sirota’s point.


Rove, O’Reilly Combine Their Ignorance to Battle Jon Stewart

Last night on Fox News (12/22/10), Karl Rove and Bill O’Reilly attempted to defend GOP opposition tothe James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act of 2010, whichwould providehealth care for 9/11 Ground Zero workers. In his final broadcast of the year (12/16/10), Comedy Central‘s Jon Stewart devoted the entire show to lambasting the Republican opposition.Stewart’s attention to the issue seems to have pushed other media outlets to pay attention to this issue. (With any luck, we’ll remember this the next time there’s a “debate” aboutpeople watchinga comedy show instead of “real” news.) Rove and O’Reilly’sdefense of GOP intransigence is hardly […]


NYT ‘Bent Over Backwards’ to Deny Ground Zero Health Risks It Now Reports

As yet another study is released documenting the damaging health effects of breathing in toxic Ground Zero dust, it’s good to see corporate media outlets taking it seriously. (Most media outlets, anyway–the New York Post continues to give a platform to deniers.) It’s worth remembering, though–since they won’t remind you–that for many months after 9/11, some outlets–the New York Times in particular–downplayed the fallout and mustered shockingly little journalistic skepticism of government reassurances about safety. The attitude of Andrew Revkin, the Times‘ environmental reporter at the time, says it all. As I wrote in 2006: The Times‘ Revkin told American […]


On MSM’s ‘Liberal Bias’… Toward the Bush Presidents

Recapping at TPM Café (5/27/09) how the U.S. “press bent over backward to paint both Bushes as moderate, sensible, nice guy Republicans,” Editor & Publisher‘s Greg Mitchell writes that “a hard-right [George W.] Bush, whether real or media-created, would have never beaten Gore–not that this one did either.” Reminding us that “the New York Times, for example, had been very tough on [President Bill] Clinton on its editorial page,” Mitchell says that “once in office, a long honeymoon between press and president ensued,” and “just as Bush’s approval ratings tanked and criticism was about to spread, 9/11 came along to […]