ABC: War Might Mess Up Your 401K!


Looking at the Dow Jones Industrial Average to explain anything is almost never a good idea.


Disney Makes the World a Better Place, Reports Disney’s Network

On Tuesday (6/5/12), ABC World News anchor Diane Sawyer introduced a news segment:   Michelle Obama appeared today with the CEO of our parent company, Disney, because Disney decided to do something historic to help fight childhood obesity and called in the big guns to do it, including a very, very famous mouse. The “historic” move: Food ads during ABC‘s children’s programming will now have to meet what correspondent Reena Ninan called “strict nutritional standards.” Ninan also touted Disney‘s earlier decision to phase out trans fats from its theme parks and offer “healthier options.” (“They say they saw real results. […]


ABC Evades Buffett’s Tax Hike Proposal

When a super-wealthy guy like Warren Buffett talks about taxing the rich– in the pages of the New York Times, no less– it gets the rest of the media talking. But that doesn’t mean that talk will get things right. Here’s one example from ABC World News (8/15/11): BIANNA GOLODRYGA (ABC NEWS): Much of Buffett’s income comes from capital gains, profits resulting from investments, and they’re taxed at only 15%. Buffett’s solution, rates should be raised for the 300,000 Americans who make more than a million a year, left alone for everyone else. An additional 1% tax on the richest […]


Media to Obama: Less Talk, More War

From ABC World News, 11/11/09: CHARLIE GIBSON: We understand he’s raising new questions about a number of plans that are in front of him. What new questions are there to be asked after all this time? MARTHA RADDATZ: Well, you would think he’d be through with the questions, Charlie. Doyle McManus, Los Angeles Times (11/15/09): Barack Obama is in danger of giving deliberation a bad name. David Broder, Washington Post (11/16/09— headline: “Enough Afghan Debate”) It is evident from the length of this deliberative process and from the flood of leaks that have emerged from Kabul and Washington that the […]


Global Recession Affects People, African Animals

ABC World News did a segment on March 31 with a bunch of short reports on how the global recession was hitting around the world. Most of them were like this: CLARISSA WARD (ABC NEWS): I’m Clarissa Ward in Tokyo. Japan is the second-largest economy in the world. And lifetime employment has always been the ideal here. But as global demand for Japanese cars and electronics plummets, companies like Toyota and Canon are being forced to shed tens of thousands of jobs. And for many workers in Japan, losing your job means losing your company housing. Thousands of laid off […]


ABC Tries to Calm the Populist Fire

You can accuse some in the media of paying too much attention to the bonuses at AIG, but on ABC‘s newscast they’ve been doing the opposite–trying to tell people to stop talking down “our” company. ABC‘s World News With Charles Gibson, March 17: CHARLES GIBSON: Let me turn to Betsy Stark. There is an awful lot of, I guess you could call it AIG bashing going on. But as a lot of people pointed out today, there’s a real danger in this, because everybody in this country has a vested interest in AIG succeeding, because we, the taxpayer, essentially own […]


Charlie Gibson on Pulling Punches

Courtesy of the New York Daily News (3/18/09): ABC‘s World News anchor Charles Gibson at one point considered being a sports reporter. However, he ultimately realized the job was more difficult than it looked. “I began to realize that sports journalism was so difficult because if you cover a team, you have to stay in the good graces of that team,” Gibson tells Michael Kay in the YES Network‘s CenterStage airing Thursday at 10 p.m. “So, do you pull your punches?” says Gibson. “Do you not write about the fact that so-and-so is a drunk? Or that so-and-so may be […]


ABC Touts Good News From Iraqi Poll, Downplays Bad News for U.S.

The ABC network, in conjunction with the BBC and Japan’s NHK, has repeatedly polled Iraqis about the state of their country and the U.S. occupation. On Monday night (3/16/09) they aired a report that featured findings from the latest poll. Anchor Charles Gibson reported: Every year we have taken an extensive look at where things stand. Polling Iraqis and sending reporters across the country, both at times dangerous undertakings. But this year, extraordinary change, real optimism. 59 percent of Iraqis now say they feel very safe in their communities. And 65 percent say things are going well in their own […]