Hillary Clinton and ‘Celebrity Coverage’

The dominant story from Hillary Clinton’s trip to Africa was not her comments about combating rape and sexual violence in Congo. No, the top story was Clinton’s testy response to a question about what her husband thought of Chinese business interests in Kenya Congo. That exchange prompted a whole story in today’s New York Times by Jeffrey Gettleman (“Clinton’s Flash of Pique in Congo“). While that’s already kind of sad, it turns out that the questioner misspoke; he actually meant to ask what Barack Obama thought of these deals. But either way, apparently, you get to psychoanalyze Hillary Clinton: After […]


Failed Reporting on Somalia–or Didn’t-Even-Try Reporting?

As well as being infused with a modern-day “white man’s burden” mythology not exactly unheard of in media reporting on Somalia, Time magazine’s article “The Suffering of Somalia” (11/13/08) follows the well-documented pattern of misreporting on recent U.S. intervention on Somalia (see Extra!, 3-4/08)–downplaying the disastrous role of recent U.S. policy in that country: Somalia is not so much a failed-state as a didn’t-even-try one. It hasn’t had a government since 1991, when warlords took over and embarked on a series of intractable clan wars that have produced one of the world’s worst humanitarian crises: hundreds of thousands dead and […]